Industrial Waste to Energy

  • Completely customized turnkey solutions for incinerating waste products and converting into steam/energy
  • Design/manufacture of thermal oxidizers/thermal combustors for incinerating waste effluents from various manufacturing processes
  • Addition of WHRBs to convert the latent heat of the flue gases generated from the oxidation/reduction process into usable energy
  • Helps companies meet mandatory requirements of “Zero Liquid Discharge”
  • Retrofitting and modernization of existing waste disposal system to recover heat and energy
  • Possible usage and retrofitting of spare boilers for converting waste energy into usable heat

Advantages of Incineration

  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Reduce Volume
  • Economic Viability
  • Elimination of Toxicity
  • Substitute for Fossil Fuel
  • Decomposition of Organic waste
  • Comply to Environment Norms

Energy from Industrial Waste depends on

  • Chemical composition
  • Local price of petroleum fuel
  • Waste Conditioning
  • Available Support Fuel
  • Emission Control norms
  • Energy from waste

Liquid Waste Incineration

  • Top down firing
  • Salty, chlorinated and flour containing waste liquids
  • Vertical firing
  • Acids from production streams.
  • 42 different waste liquids
  • 10 different Off-Gas Streams


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