Sulphuric Acid Production

Sulfuric acid generation from various types of off-gases, spent acid or sulfur burning

Process based on catalytic oxidation of sulfur–bearing compounds and formation of sulfuric acid

Contaminants handled include SO2, H2S, COS or CS2 at a wide concentration rang


  • Reliable Wet Sulfuric Acid Process
  • Catalytic oxidation of H2S, CS2, COS, SO2
  • Recovery of concentrated Sulfuric Acid from Off-Gases or Spent Acid
  • Production of Sulfuric Acid from Sulfur Burning
  • Offering Total & Reliable Solution for:
    • Wet Sulfurous Off-gasses (H2S, CS2, COS, SO2…)
    • Production of valuable Sulfuric Acid and HP Steam
    • Reliable Emission Control and Safe Operation


  • Wet process to produce Sulfuric Acid from off-gas containing Sulfur bearing-compounds, Spent Acid or Sulfur without gas drying
  • Applicable for a wide range of gas concentrations and compositions
  • Production of high pure Sulfuric Acid (96-98 wt%)
  • Maximum conversion processes thanks to a patented catalyst technology
  • Guaranteed low emissions (SO2 < 50 mg/Nm³,H2SO4 Aerosol < 3 mg/Nm³)
  • Excellent cleaning performance by two-step conversion of SO2
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