Thermal Incinerators

Thermal oxidation for waste streams with high concentrations

Thermal Oxidizers or also called waste incineration plants are designed to dispose complex liquid and gaseous waste streams, mainly provided by chemical or petrochemical industries.

  • Incineration of liquid, solid and gaseous waste streams
  • Applicable for a wide range of concentrations and compositions
  • Technology focuses on:
    • Low Emissions
    • High Availability and Reliability
    • Recovery of Energy
    • Recovery of Resources


  • waste streams containing chlorinated components
  • waste streams containing fluorinated components
  • waste streams containing other halogenated components
  • sludge from industrial applications


  • Gas and/or liquid Waste with high heating value containing organic compounds
  • By-products can be used as alternative additional fuels.
  • Recovery of resources
  • Additional thermal energy is not required
  • Applications in
    • Chemical Industry
    • Oil& Gas Industry
    • Coating Industry


  • Depending on the given input specification and emission limits each plant will be configured and equipped properly according to specific legal, local and customers’ requirements.
  • Thermal Incineration plants are designed to dispose difficult waste streams and provide high efficient energy and resource recovery always under the aspect of fulfilling most strengthened emission regulations.
  • The main aspect of each project is therefore not only in delivering suitable opportunities for the discharge of critical waste streams instead the technical focus comes with maximizing the recovery of energy and valuable resources.
  • Incineration plants are typically designed as a modular concept consisting of a combustion chamber, heat recovery and flue gas treatment system.plant is suitable for big quantities of raw gas with low concentration of VOC.
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