Multi Fuel Burners

  • Start-up Burners Series for AFBC & CFBC Boiler
  • Main Load Burners
  • Lance Burners for Power Boilers
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Kiln Burners

  • Kiln Burners for Cement & DRI plants
  • Kiln Burner with Fuel Handling system and Control & Automation
  • Multi-Fuel Firing Provisions
  • 100% Firing of Pulverized Coal without supporting Fuel
  • 100% Firing of Liquid Fuels
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Hot Gas Generators

  • Direct Type HGG
  • Indirect Type HGG
  • Air Preheaters
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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

  • VOC Incineration
  • Thermal oxidation with regenerative heat recovery
  • Big raw gas stream with low concentration of VOC
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Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers

  • Catalytic Thermal Oxidation for flexible waste gas streams
  • Raw gas stream with medium heating value
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Thermal Incinerators

  • Thermal oxidation for waste streams with high concentrations
  • Gas and/or liquid Waste with high heating value containing organic compounds
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Turnkey Combustion Solutions

  • Turnkey Multi Fuel Fired Burner Systems
  • Fuel Skids & BMS
  • Customized R&M Fuel Conversion
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Industrial Waste to Energy

  • Industrial Gaseous / Liquid / Sludge Waste Destruction
  • By Thermal Oxidizers & Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
  • Steam / Power Generation through Industrial Waste
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Sulphuric Acid Production

  • Concentrated Sulphuric Acid Production by Wet Gas Process
  • Spent Sulphuric Acid Regeneration by Wet Gas Process
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Providing Turnkey Solutions in Combustion & Environmental Technologies