Kiln Burners

  • Pulverized coal firing along with all combinations of liquid/gaseous fuels
  • Capability to work on 100% pulverized coal without support fuel or with minimum supporting fuel during normal conditions
  • Utilization of Low Calorific Value (LCV) Gases like Producer Gas, Coal Gas
  • Associated process automation for increased safety & efficiency
  • Design, Metallurgy and Engineering customized on process data and temperature profiling to optimize cost and increase efficiency

Multi Channel Kiln Burner With Trolley

Salient features:

  • Burner components are designed to ensure longer life.
  • Higher turn down ratios achievable.

Fuels fired in burner are:

  • Solid Fuels: Pulverized Coal
  • Gaseous Fuels: Low CV Gases (Producer Gas/Coal Gas/BF  Gas/Coke Oven Gas/CBM Gas), High CV Gases (Propane/LPG /Natural Gas)
  • Liquid fuels: HFO, LDO, HSD, LSHS, and any grade of liquid fuel.

Nozzle Design


  • Swirl Vane design for optimum Flame Momentum
  • Design for Radiant Diffusion Flame
  • Entrainment of secondary air into primary air for turbulent, strong and narrow flame
  • High Flame Temperature by minimum excess air
  • High Kiln speed and reduced residence time in burning zone
  • Optimum degree of internal re-circulation
  • Ignition time and burnout time as per the required flame shape.
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