Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers

Catalytic oxidation for flexible waste gas streams

  • Incineration of liquid, solid and gaseous waste streams
  • Applicable for a wide range of concentrations and compositions
  • Technology focuses on:
    • Low Emissions
    • High Availability and Reliability
    • Recovery of Energy
    • Recovery of Resources


  • Raw gas stream with a medium heating value
  • Very flexible is able to handle small or big stream.
  • Lower operating Temperature.
  • Applications in
    • Chemical Industry
    • Oil and Gas Industry
    • Textile Industry


  • This technology is suitable for a wide range of gas streams with a medium heat value.
  • It is based on the catalytic oxidation of VOC that allows its reaction at not more than 500°C. This is the working temperature in the catalyst bed;
  • Only for start up and running conditions with low VOC concentrations, an electric heating unit supplies the necessary thermal energy in order to maintain the oxidation process on the catalyst.
  • Tail gas concentration: On the catalyst bed the VOCs incinerate for more than 99,5 % to water and carbon dioxide.
  • This solution offers flexible stream quantity, low running temperature and efficient energy recovery suitable for big quantities of raw gas with low concentration of VOC.
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